Neuro Optometry

Neuro Optometry

Neuro Optometry

Neuro optometry helps resolve issues resulting from traumatic brain injuries, illness, physical disabilities, or poorly developed visual skills. Children that have trouble with learning are especially benefited from neuro optometry. Neuro optometry evaluates if any aspects of vision are contributing to symptoms like poor attention, reading comprehension difficulties, or picking up on social cues. Instead of defaulting to medication, patients of all ages who have neurological difficulties can investigate this approach.

As a trained neuro optometrist, Dr. Myers can identify visual processing abnormalities and prescribe a rehabilitation plan to improve aspects of an individual's eyesight and vision that contribute to symptoms affecting their daily life. The treatment involves the rehabilitation of perceptual, visual, and or motor disorders.

People with the following symptoms or issues can often be helped with these methods:

• Learning difficulties
• Closed head brain injuries
• Strokes
• Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
• Fatigue
• Headaches/migraines
• Lack of focus
• Disorientation
• Overstimulation

Vision and Learning

Perfect eyesight does not always equal perfect vision. Even if your child has had an eye exam, they still might have vision problems that contribute to struggles in school.

Concussion and Traumatic Brain Industry

​​​​​​​Vision problems are common after a brain injury or concussion. Many of the connections in the brain deal with our sensory system and post a brain injury, some of these connections can be disturbed. The nervous system has a difficult time relaxing causing light sensitivity and overstimulation of the peripheral retina. At Eversee Boutique Eyecare, our approach to brain injuries and concussions utilizes the latest advancements in vision care and neuroscience which includes lenses, prisms, filters, tints, and syntonic rehabilitative exercises.

Sports Vision and Performance

To be highly successful, many sports demand visual skills functioning at a high level. A visual processing evaluation will determine if there are any aspects of eyesight and vision contributing to athletic ability and if there is anything that could be used to improve athletic performance.

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Direct quotes from neuro optometry patients of Dr. Myers

“Dr. Myers knows how to align the auditory and visual processing in a way that calms down the nervous system and sets the patient on a long-term path to recovery.”

“Migraines are gone (…) even now in just contacts the migraines have vanished.”

“I feel a lot more comfortable in front of the computer screen. I feel more alert and upbeat.”

“Despite going through an extremely stressful move, the new lens and new contacts prescribed helped me to stay more grounded and calmer.”

“My nervous system calmed down. I was able to run more than a mile again (previously ran marathons) without feeling depleted. I am able to attend graduate school and do the rigorous coursework that would not have been possible without the interventions I got from Dr. Myers.”

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