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Signs of Myopia in Children

Myopia is the most prevalent of all the refractive errors and eye conditions affecting people. According to the American Optometric Association, over 40% of Americans have myopia, increasing by 25% in the last 50 years. Nowadays, children as young as three years old are diagnosed with the condition. 

Brain Injury Rehabilitation: How an Optometrist Can Help

Brain injury rehabilitation is a multidisciplinary process. It involves helping patients with a brain injury regain as much function as possible. It consists of a team of healthcare professionals working to help patients regain independence, improve their quality of life, and achieve their goals.

How People with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Benefit From Neuro-Optometry

If your child, someone you love, or a family member is diagnosed with ASD, there is a high chance that they have visual and or auditory difficulties. Thus, it’s smart to have a comprehensive eye exam with a developmental optometrist. These eye doctors are skilled in performing eye exams with patients with verbal or non-verbal patients with ASD.

Benefits of Designer Eyewear

Eyewear can tell a lot about the wearer. Glasses influence someone's first impression since it is what individuals notice immediately when they meet you. Purchasing a new pair of designer eyewear can make your elevated style a conversation point among your circle of friends, colleagues, and family. However, most people wonder why they should opt for designer eyewear when they can get cheap generic eyewear.

Retraining the Brain After an Injury With Neuro Optometry

Optometry is the science of diagnosing and treating visual conditions. Sometimes, visual conditions are naturally occurring. Other times, people acquire visual conditions due to an accident. Traumatic brain injuries can cause visual conditions that arise after an accident. Optometrists specializing in neuro optometry can help improve these conditions.

Is Your Child Not Meeting Milestones? Vision Could Be the Culprit

Visual ability in children is critical to their learning and development. Sometimes, parents and teachers may not be aware that the issues a child struggles with in school are linked to their vision. The child may not be aware it is a problem either, they may think that how they see is the same as everyone else. However, it may affect their academic performance, athletic capabilities and even their social life.

What Is Neuro Optometry?

Neuro optometrists identify visual processing abnormalities and prescribe a rehabilitation plan.  This helps improve aspects of an individual's eyesight and vision that contribute to symptoms affecting their daily life. Neuro optometry can help resolve issues resulting from traumatic brain injuries, illness, physical disabilities, or poorly developed visual skills. Neuro optometry can also help children that have trouble with learning. Rather than jumping straight to medication, neuro optometry evaluates if any aspects of vision are contributing to symptoms like poor attention, reading comprehension difficulties or picking up on social cues. The treatment involves the rehabilitation of perceptual, visual and/ or motor disorders.

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