Luxury Eyewear

Luxury Eyewear

Luxury Eyewear


From: Capetown, South Africa
Concept: Coming soon!
Unique value: Coming soon!​​​​​​​
Fun fact: Coming soon!


​​​​​​​From: Berlin, Germany
Concept: Strong, independent and distinct. Inspired by the future, architecture, and geometry
Unique value: Parts are made by family-owned European businesses from high-quality raw materials
Fun fact: The designer takes influence from work with Hermès and international household and furniture brands


​​​​​​​From: Fukui, Japan
Concept: High-quality, high design
Unique value: The only company in Japan that has a factory in charge of all processes from raw materials to production and finish, which improves the detail and quality
Fun fact: The company is over 100 years old and has single-handedly shaped Japan’s eyewear industry


​​​​​​​From: Agordo, Italy
Concept: Performance, craftmanship and design in each frame
Unique value: Made from pure Japanese titanium making the frames lightweight but strong and flexible, aw well as hypoallergenic and non-toxic
Fun fact: Made following 53 production steps: the expression of an industrial, but still artisan working method

Talla Eyewear

​​​​​​​From: Paris, France
Concept: The ultimate accessory of masculine elegance
Unique value: Designs based on real-life stories from adventures, passions and perspectives of the award-winning designer Gianluca Gualandi
Fun fact: The husband of eyewear designer Caroline Abram, he co-created her namesake brand before starting his men’s only line in 2016

Caroline Abrams

​​​​​​​From: Paris, France
Concept: Colorful, captivating, and very sensual frames
Unique value: High-quality acetates, embellished with captivating and bright colors, are handcrafted for impeccable fit and ergonomics
Fun fact: Caroline Abram got her start as an eyewear jewelry and accessory designer creating her collection with an all-woman craft-manufacturing team that she still has today


​​​​​​​From: Vernon Hills, IL, USA
Concept: A heritage look with a luxury design influence
Unique value: The world’s first truly American brand of luxury eyewear, handcrafted by 65 men and women from premium, globally sourced materials
Fun fact: The pyramid logo of 21 drilled dots represents Illinois, the 21st state in the union

** Factory tours available to the public. Go see how your glasses were made! **

Scott Harris

​​​​​​​From: Vernon Hills, IL, USA
Concept: Fresh, timely, colorful stylings free of heavy embellishments
Unique value: A simple business philosophy provides customers with quality products, fair prices, and unbeatable service
Fun fact: The namesake creator, Scott Harris Shapiro, took over the family business from his parents who started it in their Chicago garage in 1977

Kids and Teens


​​​​​​​From: Vernon Hills, IL, USA
Concept: Glasses kids want to wear
Unique value: It’s not about characters or branding, it’s about showing off the awesome people they already are
Fun fact: Has an annual contest for kids to design their own glasses, which are latter produced as part of the collection (ask us how to participate)

tete a lunettes

​​​​​​​From: Paris, France
Concept: Sophisticated glasses for children from 4 to 12
Unique value: Dynamic colors and translucent acetates allow for playful and quality children’s style
Fun fact: Many frames have corresponding options available for adult men (Talla) and women (Caroline Abram), it is a true family brand

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