Dry Eye and Allergy Management

Dry Eye and Allergy Management

Dry Eye and Allergy Management

Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye syndrome, or ocular surface disease affects people of all ages but tends to be more common as they get older. Natural aging processes result in a decrease in the volume of tears produced and a change in the quality of the tears. There are other causes of dry eye such as:

⦁ Medications
⦁ Environmental
⦁ Pregnancy
⦁ Menopause
⦁ Hormonal imbalances
⦁ Systemic diseases (autoimmune disorders, chronic inflammatory diseases, etc.)
⦁ Contact lens wear
⦁ Refractive surgeries (LASIK, PRK, etc.)
⦁ Environmental (windy, humid, cold, etc.)
⦁ Excessive near and computer work
⦁ Eyelid inflammation (blepharitis and meibomitis)

There are a variety of tests that are performed to diagnose dry eye based on certain symptoms. At Eversee Boutique Eyecare, an evaluation of your tear film will be performed. A comprehensive history will be taken to determine your level of symptoms and other factors related to dry eye. The quality of your tear film is observed by evaluating the tear film under a high powered microscope. Colored dyes can then be used to evaluate evaporation rate and damage to the ocular surface.

Dry eye syndrome can be divided into multiple categories. Aqueous deficient dry eye occurs when an insufficient volume of tears are produced. This is common with certain systemic conditions or when there is damage to the lacrimal gland.

More commonly, evaporative dry eye is associated more with tear film instability that results in an evaporation of the tear film. The culprit in evaporative dry eye disease is the meibomian gland. The meibomian glands are found in the upper and lower eyelid and produce oil that coats the tears and stabilizes the tear film. Acute and chronic inflammation of these glands can "clog" the gland opening and result in evaporation of the tear film and dry eye symptoms.

Your doctor at Eversee Boutique Eyecare will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your tears and determine the best course of action. Tear supplements, stabilizers, punctal inserts, and in office therapies available to improve symptoms and quality of life.

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